As we continue our mission to build awareness of women working in dance music, we are pleased to present the artist behind some of our favorite album artwork, Pilar Zeta. The mastermind behind Jimmy Edgar and Ultramajic’s cover art and creator of the new clothing line HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE, sat down with Women in Dance Music to tell us a bit about her inspiration, her future work and her relationship with geometrical shapes.

Magick Playground (Digital Installation)

WIDM: What are some of the first memories you have of art?

Pilar: I’ve been drawing and painting since I was 6 years old. I always viewed art as a medium to express myself. My dad used to take me to art museums and I was so overwhelmed with the colours and techniques that as soon as I was home I was trying to recreate what i saw.

WIDM: How did you decide on graphic design?

Pilar: I remember my first computer. It was a huge white box with a massive square monitor. I remember opening MS Paintbrush and spending hours doing different drawings and making color collages. The best part was printing them.

At that time, I realized that I felt really connected with software. Once I started going to school, my favourite subject was computers… And besides that I’ve been always an avid lover of books, especially the covers, I would stare at them for hours. I always knew I was going to be a graphic designer.

Then on, I taught myself. I didn’t go to any school. I personally think going to school for graphic design is a waste of time, everything you need to learn is around you, and the tools, it’s all about using it everyday. Anyways, I left my house when i was 19 to USA with no computer or cellphone. Naturally the first job I got was as a Graphic Designer, and all the stuff I’ve learned by nerding out had come in handy.

WIDM: It’s pretty evident you have a certain style, one can look at your work and know right away it is one of yours, where does that style derive from?

Pilar: I think my style is basically a collection of all the strong points of my personality, things I get inspired by and my obsessions. Since a very young age I always had a fascination for retro futuristic art, metaphysical symbology, ancient teachings and Star Wars. I think they blend pretty well together.

WIDM: How much of your work is photography and how much is digitally created? Which medium do you feel most comfortable working with?

Pilar: Lately, I am creating all my own resources, from shapes to textures. I draw them in illustrator or create them in Cinema 4D and then migrate them to Photoshop, that’s when the magic happens. I love doing collages with old photographic material. I like to frequent flea markets and find old books, or old photographs. My first exhibition in Berlin, I did a whole series of old family photos from the early 1900s, they were really creepy and magical at the same time. Who would know that bringing some shape or colour can change the whole vibe of it?

WIDM: How did you get invovled in doing album art? What music inspires your creativity?

Pilar: My brother had a record collection. My favourites were the ones from Pink Floyd, Led Zeppelin, etc. The design was made by Storm Thorgerson, they were so well done, and very surreal. The colour pallet was just overwhelming. I think that obsessing over them I decided I needed to do that for a living. Combining art with music into an amazing magical blend. Then when I started working as a freelance graphic designer, I practiced what I thought looked good. All the music work came naturally. I think I embedded these ideas into my subconcious since I was little; I knew that this was going to be my work, I would be a Designer.

I can get inspired by any kind of music, it all depends on the mood I am creating. In the morning I like to listen to ambient music, at noon I like to listen to RnB or Funk. If it’s raining usually I play New Wave. This combination makes a really good day of work.

WIDM: You visited Egypt recently, a lot of your work incorporates triangles and pyramids into it, was being in Egypt a mecca of inspiration for you?

Pilar: Yes, definitely. Ancient Egypt is definitely my biggest inspiration. I’m constanly learning about their philosophies and incorporating their teachings into my art and my daily life. I have my whole house surrounded by Egyptian symbols and art. I couldn’t live without a pyramid shape close to me.

WIDM: Does the city you live in inspire your work? Does it affect your vision at all?

Pilar: Totally, I can find inspiration anywhere. Being inspired is a state of mind, if you are connected to yourself, the city, the house, the people, then you can find inspiration everywhere. When I feel great, I am definitely inspired. I moved to LA and I made the whole house a source of inspiration, every place I look there is something I can get inspired from: a lamp, a crystal, a pyramid for example it’s amazing, feels great.

WIDM: What is your favorite project to date?

Pilar: I have so many… I cannot decide :) . Definitely my favourite is the ULTRAMAJIC label I am doing with Jimmy Edgar. When it comes time to design a cover for any of the releases, it’s always great. Jimmy and I work really well together so I am always looking forward to make a new design for it. Also, we have a lot of great inside projects in the label that are keeping us busy, some awesome Tarot Cards and some future art installations…

Holographic Universe Fall/Winter 2014

WIDM: Talk to us a bit about your fashion line! We’ve seen some images on your blog, Jimmy Edgar has posted some, what’s going on there?

Pilar: The fashion line is called "HOLOGRAPHIC UNIVERSE," it’s a collaboration between Aedan MacDonald and I. I am creating all the artwork and we are both designing the pieces. I love it, it’s the first time I’ve done something like this, and it’s perfect because fashion is a big part of my inspirations, so combining both is so fun.

We are currently working on a resort collection that will be released in between seasons, with altered prints of my best work to date. Also the fall/winter collection, the one that Jimmy took the photos for, will be out soon. You can check it out at

WIDM: What advice do you have for musicians or anyone commissioning album artwork to make the process smoother?

Pilar: The main thing is to find an artist you trust and respect. Once you trust the artist, just let them do their thing.

WIDM: What is the most challenging aspect of your work and how do you overcome it?

Pilar: The most challenging aspect of my work is to always reinvent myself and create something new, a fresh style. I think it always will come to the point when I feel my work needs a different twist. To help me with this process I meditate and get inspired within myself, then I start working and all of the sudden a new style is born :)

To see more of Pilar’s work head over to her Tumblr and Website.

Author: Allison Baughman @baughwoman


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